September 2018  
Which Version of the Bible Should I Read? Que versÍon de la Biblia debo leer?

Approved Translations of the Bible in English

The Episcopal Church has authorized the use of the following translations of the Bible:

Newer Editions (recent edition dates)
New Revised Standard Version (1990)
Revised English Bible (1989)
New Jerusalem Bible (1987)
New International Version (1978)

Older editions
Revised Standard Version, an Ecumenical Edition (1973)
New American Bible (1970)
Good News Bible / Today's English Version (1976)
New English Bible with the Apocrypha (1970)
Jerusalem Bible (1966)
Revised Standard Version (1952)
American Revision (1901)
English Revision (1881)
King James or Authorized Version (the historic Bible of The Episcopal Church)


Versíones de la Biblia en Español

Nueva Biblia de Jerusalén (1998)
Santa Biblia: Reina-Valera (2009)
La Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI) (1999)
La Biblia Latinoaméricana (varias versíones)
La Biblia de Jerusalén (varias versíones)